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Judy Pryor

Being a civil celebrant for me is about bringing heartfelt meaning to significant events in our lives: events which acknowledge and celebrate that something life-changing has happened to you. You want your family and best friends around you in support, as they share the significance of what you are going through.  There is an undercurrent of deep sadness on these occasions where we formally farewell, those whom we love and who have now passed on.  The sense of loss can be tangible.  As a celebrant, I help you express your love and sadness with composure.  Hearts may be heavy, eyes may be moist, but we will remember with dignity the myriad of memories you have of the person who has left us.

Neville:  "Dear Judy,  Thank you ever so much for your leadership of Eunice's memorial service.  this captured the spirit of the occasion and will live for a long time in my memory and in the memories of other family and friends who were present at the service." 

Robin:   "Thank you so much .... The service certainly helped me regain a proper perspective on my dearly-loved mum - the day-to-day of the past seven years was such a deep overlay that the previous decades had lost a lot of their reality, no matter how much I tried to recapture them. I have happier dreams now!."   

Susan:  “  Judy you were a wonderful celebrant for us.  My brother and I have been talking about how the words you used were so considered and respectful.  Mum would have liked this very much......my niece has been reading and re-reading it.  And I want to thank you more but I don't quite know how......”   


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