Judy Pryor

NSWSydney - North West
Judy Pryor

"Bereavement is personal journey, as individual and unique as each life and every relationship."  

​          Peter Bridgewater from 'Mindfulness & The Journey of Bereavement'

You are experiencing something deeply and intensely personal.  Being a funeral celebrant for me is about being able to provide a dignified ceremonial farewell for the one you love.  Your family and friends also want to support you and show their respect.   Together we can help you express your love and sadness with composure.  By sharing memories of your loved one, you are creating new pathways for your love connection to continue.  This ability to connect doesn't stop now, your relationship has only changed shape.

​It's hard to know how to choose a celebrant - we are all caring people.  I'm happy to talk to you on the phone just to say hello so you can hear my voice and get a sense of whether my style suits yours.   

I look forward to hearing from you.  Here are some kind words of feedback I have received:


Robin:   "Thank you so much .... The service certainly helped me regain a proper perspective - the day-to-day of the past seven years was such a deep overlay that the previous decades had lost a lot of their reality, no matter how much I tried to recapture them. I have happier dreams now!."    

Susan:  “  Judy you were a wonderful celebrant for us.  My brother and I have been talking about how the words you used were so considered and respectful.  Mum would have liked this very much......my niece has been reading and re-reading it.  And I want to thank you more but I don't quite know how......”   


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